Information från Halvfabrikat records

Halvfabrikat records sänker priserna på sina plattor, följande text är saxad från deras hemsida.


In the times where even d.i.y. labels seems to become capitalistic, i.e. raising prices in order to gain more profit, we have decided to do the exact opposit. Yes, this is todays truth: the capitalistic system is gaining it’s followers, even in the d.i.y. scene. A shame indeed, but not very hard to imagine. We do live in a world of capitalism and money and gaining it is a big thing for us humans.

That aside, we mainly do this for two reasons:
1. We need punkrock more than ever. The Swedish election, I’ll let it talk for itself…

2. We do not really make records to make profit, but the spread revolutionary ideas.

We have decided to lower the prices so much we dare to say we are the cheapest mailorder/distro in europe right now, maybe even the world. We are currently working on solutions to lower the shippingcosts as well, due to the fact that the shipment is a substantially cost of the total order value.

The prices are adjusted so that no product cost more than an equal product. Price examples as stated;
– 12” LP, new price: 80 SEK, old price 90 SEK.
– MCD, new price: 35 SEK, old price 60 SEK.
– Tape, new price: 15 SEK, old price 40 SEK.
– Shirts, new price: 75 SEK, old price 100 SEK.
– Patches, new price: 10 SEK, old price 20 SEK.
– Badges, new price: 5 SEK, old price 10 SEK.
etc, etc.
[All sections are subject of change, some sections have been or will be cut in prices by up to 50%.]



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