Schizo uppdaterar!

Now updated,
I have cleaned up a bit, and removed some dead links and replaced them with working links.
The resolution will be much better too, and all ads, pics etc will be readable. So if you already
have download Schizo #6, feel free to do it again on the new link for a better result.
The first round of Schizo Fanzine #6 paper version will soon be out, this round will go to all of
you how know that you’re gonna get a copy. I will get in touch with you during the spring.

Schizo will co-release the new Burnt Cross
Yes, my favourite band will soon release a new 7″ and I will co-release it, I split my part with
Rawby Records. It will be around 6-7 other labels on this release as well. So I will have it in
my distro when it’s out.

Schizo on tour with Spotlicks
I will be out on the roads with the swedish band Spotlicks ( and
a dutch band, think they are called Buiten Gebruiken (it means Out of order). This is what we
have booked right now: 15 april – Heerlen (nl), 17 april – St.Etienne (fr), 18 april – Marseille (fr),
20 april – Firenze (it)

Need help with gigs or a great party
We have some gaps in or scheduele we have to fill. Please help us.
14 april, need help in northern germany or maybe the netherlands
16 april, belgium or france on the way to st.etienne
19 april, east part of france or northern italy
21 apri, Germany, the middle or south part
22 april, Northern Germany or Denmark

Schizo Fanzine #7
The work has beginn, I am waiting for a lot’s of answeres. It will be lot’s of reviews and
other shit written by me and some other people. And it will be a big report from the
Spotlick eurotour.

Cheers for now!


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